SAT Math Club

According to a National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) report, 48 percent of bachelor’s degree students who enter STEM fields switch their major within the first two years to a non-STEM field or exit college without earning a degree or certificate. College students who take Calculus or advanced mathematics during their freshman year are twice more likely to graduate from a STEM field than those who start with College Algebra.


In order to excel in college calculus, one must first excel at mathematical reasoning, critical thinking and algebraic manipulation. This SAT prep covers all these areas in addition to studying, test-taking and note-taking skills.


Most students do not have the resources for an SAT prep course which would cost thousands of dollars. As such, even the brightest are left with limited options when they graduate from high school. This club is open to those who have already taken algebra (7th grade and above) and are willing to elevate their math proficiency at no cost. After one year of continuous enrollment, students have the option to take the SAT test and apply to pre-college programs. After finishing this course, they will have a competitive score for college and scholarship applications.


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