She Se Puede

She Se Puede, dedicated to women and girls in STEM.

Si Se Puede Foundation has a history of taking action to increase the number of girls’ interest in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) from under-served communities to universities. In 2017, She Se Puede has had 163 girls participate in our engineering program which includes elementary through high school girls. 

It is a proven fact that girls who live in under-served  communities typically lack access to what are now considered STEM basics; up-to-date laboratories, laptop or tablet computers, access to the Internet and/or a curriculum that inspires, motivates, and encourage girls to consider STEM careers.

With a commitment from our wonderful sponsors who support the importance of recruiting more girls into the STEM fields, SSPF She Se Puede has been able to provide our girl teams and partner title 1 schools with the resources and female role models/mentors necessary to sustain our programs.

Our all girls Community High School Team, Degrees of Freedom (2017 FRC Rookie All-Star Award Winner) will appear in a PBS International Documentary titled "SciGirls" to be released in December 2017.   

Value of Community Service

Evolution of an Engineer

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Our Degrees of Freedom team members from She Se Puede are dedicated to giving back to their communities with programs and opportunities that not only help others, but also build strong and passionate community leaders. In 2017, our members donated over 3,500 hours of community service to schools, community colleges, non-profits and other social causes.

For more information on our all girl engineering teams, contact us at (480) 310-2018.

Albert L Esparza