Over the years, the Si Se Puede Foundation has had a profound impact on our students lives and the overall community of Chandler High School.  The Degrees of Freedom Team, Scholars Program and International Baccalaureate Immersion Camps are just a few ways that Si Se Puede focuses students on higher education and empowers them to follow their dreams.  Mr. Esparza seems to have never ending energy in his pursuits to find ways to motivate students to achieve at the highest levels.  We are truly blessed at Chandler High to have found such an amazing partner in Si Se Puede!


Larry Rother

Principal, Chandler High School


"We are grateful for the work of Alberto Esparza and the Si Se Puede Foundation to inspire hope, couriosity, and dreams of a brighter future to children in our community."

Kevin Hartkee, Chandler Mayor

“Si Se Puede continues to be a life changer for countless students and families within both our school and the greater community. Si Se Puede provides a number of opportunities, at no cost, for students who may not otherwise have the opportunity.  Some of these opportunities include: soccer, ballet folklórico, robotics, calculus and college preparedness. In addition to these programs,“ Si Se Puede provides mentors and role models in an organic way through the interactions that our students have with their coaches, mentors and teachers.  Si Se Puede fills a huge void that exists in underrepresented communities.  Si Se Puede provides children with hope, knowledge, experiences, confidence and knowledge.  I am forever grateful for the opportunities that Si Se Puede affords my students and their families. Si Se Puede is a life changer and continues to make a huge impact in not only my community, but communities throughout the Valley”.

Heather Anguiano, Principal, Hartford Sylvia-Encinas Elementary School, Chandler, AZ.

South Mountain Community College educates minds, transforms lives, touches hearts, and builds community so it was only natural that a partnership with the Si Se Puede Foundation formed. Since 2014, SMCC and the Si Se Puede Foundation have partnered to provide services to the under-served and under-represented youth of South Phoenix that have the knowledge of STEM, but don't have the fiscal means to broaden their skills. Through the annual Si Se Puede conferences, our organizations are able to reach children at a young age to show them the exciting opportunities in the STEM field, while simultaneously showcasing the support they will have when they pursue a higher education. As a designated Minority and Hispanic Serving Institution, South Mountain Community College is privileged to partner with the Si Se Puede Foundation and looks forward to innovative ideas to better serve our youth.

Dr. Shari Olson, President, South Mountain Community College  

"The Chandler Police Department is proud of our partnership with the Si Se Puede Foundation and the positive impact it has on the youth of Chandler. Their programs provide meaningful opportunities to develop the necessary skills, mindset and abilities to achieve success in life". 

Sean Duggan
Chief of Police
Chandler Police Department

 "The Si Se Puede Foundation provides many Chandler young people the opportunity to excel through its youth-based programming. The efforts of Alberto Esparza and his staff are to be commended, and I want to thank Alberto for continuing to forge a very positive partnership with the Chandler community".

Mayor Jay Tibshraeny, City of Chandler

"Alberto L. Esparza and the Si Se Puede Foundation have established a strong relationship with the Chandler community. The programs offered through the foundation have touched the lives of so many children and families"

Boyd W. Dunn Mayor
City of Chandler

 "The Si Se Puled Foundation has had a tremendous impact on our school as well as our greater community. The organization, under Mr. Alberto Esparza´s leadership, has developed wonderful programs to help students in and out of the school setting. The program helps students strive for a brighter future!"

Gina Vukovich, Principal
Galveston Elementary School
Chandler, Arizona

"Celebrating cultural diversity must be a part of public school education at all grade levels. By inviting Alberto Esparza and Si Se Puede Foundation into our classes, students have learned acceptance of cultural differences. Si Se Puede Foundation is a wonderful Chandler community resource"

Kay Dallar Spear, Educator
Family and Consumer Sciences
Andersen Jr. High
Chandler, AZ

"The Chandler Police Department commends the Si Se Puede Foundation for its involvement with our youth, striving to keep them focused on positive activities and involved in our community. The Si Se Puede Foundation has been a leader in promoting respect for diversity and the building of a sense of community for all"

Richard (Rick) Brzuchalski 
Asst. Police Chief

City of Chandler

"The Si Se Puede Foundation, under the leadership of Alberto Esparza, has been an integral part of the Frye School Community for a significant number of years. Programs and interventions under the Foundation´s umbrella impact our community and our children on a daily basis"

Dr. Paul Ritz Principal
Frye Elementary School
Chandler, AZ

"The Human Relations Commission is proud to support the efforts of the Si Se Puede Foundation. Si Se Puede has consistently demonstrated its strong commitment to the residents of Chandler and to its program's mission statement that focuses on building and expanding upon community services, which promote higher education, community and youth empowerment, leadership, 20 community unity, and the reduction of youth violence."

City of Chandler Human Relations Commission

"The Si Se Puede Foundation is an important Chandler School District partner. Their support for our Chandler students has been steadfast and has enriched our students´lives in many ways."

Susan Eissinger, Associate Superintendent for Instruction, Chandler Unified School District

Chandler Unified School District believes in creating life-long learners and we strive to extend every student the opportunity to be successful.  The Si Se Puede Foundation is a critical partner in making this mission a reality, specifically with our title 1 schools and children in our District.  We are so appreciative of their commitment and compassion for all students.

Dr. Camile Casteel, Chandler Unified School Superintendent 

Martin Luther King Jr. has a quote that stands out when I think of the Si Se Puede Foundation: “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?’”


I can attest that Si Se Puede is doing so many wonderful things for others. At our school, Arthur M. Hamilton Elementary School, Si Se Puede has enriched the lives of our students who live near downtown Phoenix. Our students have benefited from robotics, dance and STEM conferences. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.


Si Se Puede President Alberto Esparza and Vice President Mike Acevedo have opened up their hearts to our kids and our community. They believe that all children should have opportunities to discover more about themselves, to learn, to grow, and to become successful citizens in their community and in the world.


The generosity of Si Se Puede is sincere and we cannot thank them enough for all they do, including gestures such as finding a Mariachi band to play in the past at our Fall Festival.


Thank you Si Se Puede. You are going above and beyond in doing for others.

Erik Haarstad

Arthur M. Hamilton Principal

Albert L Esparza