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STEM Center Reservations


The SSPF STEM Center offers a variety of services for other teams in FRC, FTC, FLL, Vex and NURC. We are here to help the robotics community in Arizona andy way we can. Free of charge! 

You can fill out the reservation form for one of items we offer at the STEM Center and wait for confirmation before coming to do your work. All parties must also fill out a signed media consent and hold harmless waiver. 

We offer use of: 

  • AZ FIRST portable machine shop

  • Cnc router- 4 'x 4'

  • Cnc mill

  • Manual lathe

  • Manual mill

  • Drill press  

  • Band saw

  • Laser cutter 4' x 4'

  • Shop / Classroom

  • Shop / Classroom with laptops

  • 3D printer

  • CAD computers

  • Video studio

  • Vex practice field

  • FRC 1/2 of field

Fill out and wait for confirmation

Everyone must fill this out and file at STEM Center

SSPF018-SSPF-Stem Center Building-2021103-1.jpg

Albert L Esparza

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