Keith Kagan


Keith has worked in the high tech field for over 18 years with emphasis on project management and group coordination. He has been a professional photographer for over 10 years, and has used his expertise to photograph SSPF soccer, dance, scholars, and the various robotics teams for the last 5 years. He is also a proud mentor of the Degrees of Freedom all girls robotics team. 

Greg Lewis

Mentor, Calculus, Robotics

Greg has volunteered with Si Se Puede Foundation since 2007 mainly with the Robotics club but also with the Scholars group and Calculus competitions.

Bill Moses

Manufacturing Mentor

Bill has worked at McKesson Corp as a programmer and data analyst. He has also worked for Motorola Incorporated as a Sr electronics engineer and programmer. Bill is also a Sr. certified welder with more than 10 years of MIG, TIG, Stick, Oxy Acetylene and plasma cutting experience in the field.

Megan Cheng

Robotics Mentor

Megan recently graduated from Baylor university. Her engineering background and current work in IT enables her to bring a variety of skills to the team. She's passionate about women in STEM and is proud to be a mentor for the girls of FRC Team 6413 Degrees of Freedom

Daniel Frank

Robotics Mentor

Dan recently graduated from the University of Florida, where he helped his robotics teams win two international autonomous boat competitions. He also mentored FRC team 4118 Roaring Riptide and FTC team 11529 Navajo Code Writers. He now teaches at ASU Polytechnic and mentors FRC team 6413 Degrees of Freedom and the SSPF Women's Collegiate AUVSI Robosub Team.

Carolyn Reoyo

Robotics Mentor

Carolyn graduated from Florida State University where she double majored in religion and IT. She moved to Arizona to work as a software engineer with GM. She is really passionate about technology and loves mentoring the members of FRC team 6413 Degrees of Freedom. 

Juan Palomino

Robotics Mentor

Juan Palomino, an FRC Team #991 Alumni, returned to FRC as a programming and leadership mentor for the Binary Bots Team #2465 in 2019. Juan graduated from the University of Arizona coding bootcamp. He is currently working on the software development team as front-end engineer for Millipore-Sigma. Juan is passionate about empowering students and communities with the positive power of business and technology.

Izzy Thalman


Albert L Esparza

Si Se Puede Foundation is a prevention and advocacy organization that encourages its participants to be stakeholders in their community. The organization’s three main service components include educational programming, community activities & advocacy, and recreational activities for youth. The organization focuses on school and community risk factors that are barriers to educational achievement including, delinquency, gang affiliation, and family/school/community detachment. ​