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Explore the links below to learn more about our current programs. Check back, we are always adding more!

FIRST Tech Challange/ Da Geese Of Freedom
FIRST Tech Challange/ Binary Bots Jr
Group 205.png

SSPF offers four robotics teams and hosts two competitions. The four teams are :

  1. FIRST Tech Challenge team Binary Bots Jr., a coed team

  2. FIRST Tech Challenge team Da Geese of Freedom, an all girls team

  3. FIRST Robotics Competition team Degrees of Freedom, a coed team

  4. Robonation/ Robosub  team Desert WAVE, an all women's team

The two competitions are:

  1. FIRST Lego League Microchip Regional

  2. NURC, National Underwater Robotics Challenge

Albert L Esparza

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