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Our Spaces

Our STEM Center is home to several unique spaces dedicated to different skills and specialties. Scroll to learn more about each space and the types of equipment and resources offered.

3D Fab Lab

MakerBot 3D Printing
Certification Center

Our 3D Printing Certification Center includes several MakerBot printers that allow members to innovate and iterate both creative and functional pieces. Teachers can learn how to operate the SKETCH printers and become MakerBot certified, honing the 3D printing skills in a way they can apply to their own classrooms. And the METHOD X printer has the unique ability to print with carbon fiber, allowing students to create custom parts to use in robots and other projects.

Creative Studio

Creative Studio

SSPF018-SSPF-Stem Center Building-2021103-1.jpg

Our Creative Studio allows members to film and produce videos. The green walls double as a greenscreen backdrop, and we have lights and filming equipment available. On the opposite wall is our room-length communal desk where members have access to Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) computers and video editing software.


SSPF018-SSPF-Stem Center Building-2021103-22.jpg

Don't be mislead by the name - this classroom is anything but boring! With ample storage space, large configurable worktables, and media presentation capabilities, our classroom is the ideal space for collaboration. Members can sit in on lessons, participate in activities, and get to work. We also have a set of classroom laptops to meet any member's technological needs.

The Hub

The Fab Lab


The Fab Lab is our open area room where members can get their hands dirty and work on robotics and metal manufacturing. The far end of the space has a variety of manufacturing machinery such as a mill, lathe, CNC router, and CNC mill,  all of which allow members produce unique pieces out of different materials including wood and metal.
Large metal trusses act as homes for our robotics teams to develop their robots, and are able to be disassembled and transported to competitions. We also have a movable set-up of tools that can travel to competitions as well. Once students are ready to try out their robots, they can move over to the large robotics field and put their machines to the test.

Albert L Esparza

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