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Desert WAVE (Women in Autonomous Vehicle Engineering)


Team members build an autonomous robotic submarine that must complete a difficult series of visual- and acoustic-based tasks in this international competition. The team will be required to design and build a vehicle from scratch, write a technical paper, make a presentation before a panel of judges, create a short video, and develop a website that documents your progress.

Si Se Puede has partnered with Arizona State University Polytechnic campus where the team is currently based. 


Desert WAVE (Women in Autonomous Vehicle Engineering), a robotics team created by the partnership between the Si Se Puede Foundation and Arizona State University, competed in the 23nd International Robosub Competition. This year, due to the pandemic, the in-person component of the competition was cancelled but the virtual aspects carried on. Facing off against 33 other teams from all over the world, Desert WAVE placed 2nd for their website, 3rd for their journal paper and 4th for their video. Desert WAVE placed 2nd overall , bettering their 3rd place ranking from their rookie season last year! 

Desert WAVE Places 2nd
Overall Internationally

Albert L Esparza

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