June 4-5, 2021

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The National Underwater Robotics Challenge offers students the opportunity to be a part of a STEM team to solve real world problems in a hands-on, competitive environment.  They learn many practical skills not necessarily taught in schools. From designing, building, and programming underwater robots  to working in groups and collaborating with other teams as well, NURC tests students in the 21st century workforce 

The National Underwater Robotics Challenge is a challenging underwater robotics competition open from grade school students to college students and adult teams as well. There have been 7 past NURC competitions when the event used be run under APASE, Arizona Promoters of Applied Science in Education. Now Si Se Puede is taking over and bringing it back! Form a team now and enter the 2019 competition. There are even optional kits that are available for purchase. So click on the red link on the left and start exploring the NURC website and register your team!

Albert L Esparza

Si Se Puede Foundation is a prevention and advocacy organization that encourages its participants to be stakeholders in their community. The organization’s three main service components include educational programming, community activities & advocacy, and recreational activities for youth. The organization focuses on school and community risk factors that are barriers to educational achievement including, delinquency, gang affiliation, and family/school/community detachment. ​